Outdoor Inspired Food


Basecamp + Cafe

Stop by for a bite, plan your next trip or share tales of your latest adventure with friends.
Breakfast + Baked Goods

Breakfast sandwiches, burritos and granola and with fresh baked in store treats.

Lunch to Stay or Go

Sandwiches on our own Montreal style bagels or ciabatta buns along with daily soups and specials.

Pickup Catering

Hosting a group? We know a thing or two about planning great meals for groups from our tours.


Our Latest Recipes


This homemade granola is quick to pull together and is a healthy and delicious treat. You will be amazed by how wonderful your home smells while it cooks.

Pouding Chomeur

This traditional Quebec dessert is easy to make, requires few ingredients and is perfect for a cozy evening by the fire.

Simple BBQ Meatballs

The key to spending more time playing in the snow is to have a few quick and delicious meals that can be put together without too much effort.

Campfire Pizza From Scratch

It only takes a few minutes to put the dough together and the flavours from cooking on the fire will make you want an extra slice.

Pancakes with Campfire Roasted Peaches

Lazy mornings when we’re camping usually mean pancakes. Adding peaches cooked on the campfire makes it even better.

Lemon Rosemary Foil Packs

Foil packs are easy and delicious on any camping trip.